The Cat Doctor of Dover

187 Watson Road
Dover, NH 03820




First class cats-only boarding is available to established patients of The Cat Doctor of Dover.  Our “cat condos” are luxurious accommodations, separate and distinct from the medical/recovery kennels.  Each boarding suite is four stories of cat comfort and stimulation.  The upper floors have windows to the outdoor world, and there’s a quiet private lower level to get away from it all.  There are things to climb on, things to scratch, and even a four-poster bed in each condo. 

The boarding facility is fastidiously cleaned and is climate controlled.  Guests are cared for by the practice staff, including medication or special diet when applicable.


Due to space limitations, we can offer boarding to established clients only.


Please see our policies & admission forms. Please read our boarding policies prior to calling for a boarding reservation:




Cat Condos