The Cat Doctor of Dover

187 Watson Road
Dover, NH 03820


Cats Only!


Why a Cats-Only Practice?


Do you ever get a little anxious about going to the doctor?  So do cats!

When you’re sick, do you crave a little serenity?  So do cats!

Don’t get us wrong.  We love dogs and all other critters.  And we admire owners who own and appreciate other pet types.  But when you’re a cat, sometimes you just want to be around other cats.  On a trip to the vet, you don’t need a barking next-door neighbor, a hamster getting you riled up, or the unsettling sensory experience of a mixed-species practice.

At The Cat Doctor, we do all we can to minimize the inevitable stress your cat will feel when visiting.  The public spaces are warm and inviting…there’s even a fireplace in the waiting area.  The feline-exclusive examination, treatment, and hospital areas are able to provide a relatively quiet environment for the health and comfort of our patients, be they sick and recovering, or just in for a check-up.  And for those cats spending the night in the boarding facilities, the specialized high-quality “cat condos” have windows to nature, beds, climbing and scratching things making a cat’s time away from home more comfortable and enjoyable.

When your cat is more comfortable, we hope you will be too. 

And don’t forget:  Since all we see are our feline friends, the practitioners and staff have a special interest and understanding of cats and cat-owners.  Along with our professional focus, we’re cat owners too!

Beaulieau Chubbs